Snapchat-logoSnapchat, the mobile application which allows users to send picture and video message which disappear after viewing, has continued to expand, positioning itself as a company with enormous marketing and advertising potential.

Users of Snapchat tend to be the young, passionate and engaged consumers that many companies have been unable to successfully target. More than 60% of 13-34 year-olds in the United States use the Snapchat application and over 2 billion videos are viewed on Snapchat everyday. Snapchat offers companies a unique platform where they can begin targeting this generation with advertisements, which don’t necessarily feel like advertisements.

In addition, the Snapchat platform offers advertisers an inside look into the success of the campaigns through the availability of in depth analytics that traditional advertising is unable to view. Advertisers can use this information to better target their campaigns by learning from this data.

Snapchat has rolled out a number of different ad products, including geofilter digital stickers, discover and live stories.

Now Snapchat is teaming up with the advertising conglomerate WPP and the Daily Mail website to form a new company that will create social content for brands. The company, called Truffle Pig, was announced during the Cannes Lions advertising festival.

Truffle Pig is looking to appeal to brands by offering a combination of WPP’s advertising expertise, The Daily Mail’s news coverage and Snapchat’s unparalleled social reach.

Alexander Jutkowitz, the chief executive of Truffle Pig, stated during an interview that “it is creating the content, understanding mass audience, which Daily Mail brings, and what it’s like to be fluent in millennials, which is what Snapchat is, this is the only place where we’ve been able to bring all of this together in one place.”

Truffle Pig will begin to introduce its branded content on, Elite Daily and Snapchat. They will also push the content on other digital properties base on the client’s strategy.

This was the first time that Snapchat had the opportunity to attend the Cannes Lions advertising festival, but with their early success in the advertising industry it is evident that they will likely be major players for years to come.