FESS Products

This website will be dedicated to a few of the specific products that Elesh Modi offers through Modify and his FESS line of products.

FESS Armour

Elesh Modi Fess Armour FESS Armour is the new line of premier humidors from FESS.  Made from polypropylene, these humidor cases are completely crushproof, and therefore perfect for transporting your cigars and smoking products anywhere.  In addition to the safety FESS Armour provides for your cigars, it has the ability to keep them at a perfect 70% Relative Humidity, and therefore to keep them from drying out.  It is able to keep them at this perfect level of humidity with beads that expand with the addition of distilled water.  FESS Armour is available in three Elesh Modi SKU-Armour5different sizes with capacity for 5, 10-15, or 30 cigars.

FESS Armour is only the latest addition to an already extensive, high quality variety of humidors available on the FESS website.  These additional humidors include the XIKAR line,  which are available in six different sizes, and also feature an airtight, watertight, crushproof design.  XIKAR humidors are guaranteed for life.

FESS Churchwarden Pipes

Elesh Modi churchwardenThe FESS line of products includes a wide variety of pipes.  Of particular note is the FESS Churchwarden Collection by Elesh Modi.  These cool, stylish pipes are excellent both for smoking and as collectibles.  There has recently been a huge resurgence in the use of these pipes, and the Churchwarden Collection by Elesh Modi provides many models and designs to choose from.

Lime In

Elesh Modi Lime-InLime-In is a new product that Elesh Modi, Modify, and FESS have recently become associated with.  Lime-In was created to solve the all too common problem that so many people have experienced with the rise in popularity of beers that go well with lime.  It is designed to help people who drink Corona and other similar beers squirt juice into their drink and not onto their friends.  Lime-In is already available online and in stores across the United States.

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